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I'm a little cookie, yes i am and i was made by the cookie man and on my way from the cookie pan. a little piece broke off of me but i can taste just as good, uh-huh as a regular cookie can.

Pernah? // Sunday, 13 April 2014
Pernah tak kau rasa sayang sangat
kat seseorang
sampai apa dia buat
apa dia cakap
apa dia fikir
apa dia dengar
apa dia percaya
apa dia suka
apa dia benci
semua kau nak tahu

sampai kau sanggup maafkan apa juga salah dia
kecil, besar kau sanggup lupakan
sebab nak lupakan salah tu
lebih mudah daripada kau pilih
untuk lupakan dia

sampai dia kau letak paling atas
apa yang lain cakap
apa kanan kiri bisik
kau dengar tapi kau peduli apa

untuk buang dia, mustahil

sampai kau bukan setakat bayangkan
malah kau doa kan

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Boyfriend x //
Helloooo. Tonight i want to write entry about my boyfriend :) His name aan or his fullname Farihan Hussian. I love him so much to the beyond and infinity. Btw, thanks for being half part of my life. I cant imagine wht my life now if im not with u. and absolutely whose can do take care of me every single of my day. Thanks also for being sooooo niceyyy to me sayangg. without you maybe i dont know and how to take care people's feelin. you teach me how to know wht is the love. To my sayang i also want to thankyou for always loving me through my darkest days and being soooo sooo patient with me through thin and thick. Im feelin soo lucky to have u in my life u know :D Im always try to make you laugh. because i love the way u laugh. soo soo funny bahh ;p i will trying to make u happy as soon as possible hehe i dont wanna make u cry again. sad things was not for u.  Look we have so many moments tht we create together right. its very impossible to me to leave u again. i will stay with u until my last breath. i swear this time i really mean it. umm sayang please dont asked me like "if im boring please tell you" its tht very impossible thing to me right now. i will not get bored with you. so please dont get so worry. and please dot think tooo too much it can makes ruins our relay. im not cheat to you. so please dont think negatively -_- I miss you everyday , as i see the couples holding hands and laughing I always think of us :') I think of how much i long to feel the touch of ur skin and your breath on my neck. and I love you , these three words do not even begin to express the amount of love tht i feel for u . I could not have asked for a better lover than u and the fact that you belong to me makes be joyous beyond words.I love you aan and I am yours for now right until forever :') :*

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