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I'm a little cookie, yes i am and i was made by the cookie man and on my way from the cookie pan. a little piece broke off of me but i can taste just as good, uh-huh as a regular cookie can.

Apa aku Dah buat nii ? // Tuesday, 5 June 2012

hello everybody :) okayy . im not sleep lagii :"( . biarpunn 'dia' tak suruhh i tido lmbat . but im still stay up late kann . okayy , its been a long time no update my blog kann :) . mm , seriously , i dont have any idea nak tulis entry apa . aku ada story . tapii susah sangat nak share dekat sini . mm , btw akuu dah single now . then , status  aku dah kembali #ForeverA|one .. sedihh takk ? mm tak seedih punn . semua yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnyaa . remember that ! but , actually aku dah rapat dengan someone .. mm , who's that ? hee :P only yang terdekat jak tahu . siapa dia? mm , actually he is my EX :) .. goodnews ! haha tetiba la pulakk . okayy actually , i dunno what i have done now . dia dah berpUnya actually . but , our relationship very closer day by day .. i feel very guilty close with him because he already has someone special in her life :"( .. what i've done now ? Do i have to leave him ? or continue our close relationship ? oo my God .. im totally confused ~ sigh .
Btw , i've closely with his Gf .. and we become a goodfriend . then , i did not want to destroy our good friendship with his Gf :'( .. but , in the same time i dont want to leave him :'( . actually i haven't meet him on the other day , he said : he loves me .. aww ~ i feel uneasy right now ~ dunno what to do . then i have decided for the time being is to done before the day like a normal day :) but i will still find a solution to this problem . i dont want anyone get hurt ;'( ..

aww babe ~ im already feel sleepy . i need to sleep right now :) tomorrow , insyaallah i continue with any entry okayy . btw , iMissHim .. hope one dayy we can be a lover :) hopefully :"( u can take care of me everyday , u can make me smile every single day :) but , if you choose her . i will support u babe :) i promise . we can be a bestfriend . right ? aww . i have many nonsense tonight :) okayy . hopefully , tomorrow can be a better day than today :)

^thanxx to Allah S.W.T because give me perfection in my life and give me a good and awesome life until   today :') ..
^goodnight father ~ goodnight mum .. im totally miss u mum n dad . your the number one for me :)
^thanxx friends because always beside me when i need :) and always make my life cheerful :)
^thanxx for him because always care of me . btw , imissyouu :) even if u do not belong to me babe ^^, im always happy can be someone in your life :)
^to mr.Unsilag , i am sorry for any offense that i did to you , actually i do not intend to do this to you .. i hope you can find your better life without me beside you :')

okayy ~ till here my entry today ^^, may allah always bless me :)
:: Ekien MrsSummer ::

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