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I'm a little cookie, yes i am and i was made by the cookie man and on my way from the cookie pan. a little piece broke off of me but i can taste just as good, uh-huh as a regular cookie can.

Stay Up late ^,^ // Wednesday, 6 June 2012
pssttt . im currently not sleep lagii :P hahaha why ? because im not feel sleepy right now . Actually , i havent finish skype-ing with someone :) then , terputus la pulak secara tiba-2 .. aww , rupenyee . tmpat dia blackouT .. aww , sedihh ? tak laa . tomorrow never die babe :P hahaha .. then , ni laa aku skg dok menghadap blog . post entah papha tajuk entry aku nii . seriously , i have no idea lagii . ni bosan punya pasal la ni =,='' .. hehe okayy , actually i haven;t finish follow many blog tadii . mm , once again i wanted to say thank you so much to anybody yang telahh m'follow my blog yang tak seberapa comel nii . hehe .. i love you korang , your awesome sangat .. best dapat terjah blog korang yang unik sangat .. :) hehe ..
then , tonight i wanted to share a story about ?? emm , seriously xder story buat masa ini =,=' haha .. okayy i want to open my twitter .. seppa sini ada twitter . follow me la :) then i follow u back ;)
 *My twitter* .. hehe okayy la .. dah tak tahu nak share apa lagii . kuang-2 ketara bosan .. ehhh ~ btw taddii i watch tv .. punyaalaa bosan no movie bhaa :( . then i pusing-2 cari movie . tbuka laa pulak channel 119 .. hahha best drama dia babe :) suka sangat .. nak tahu naper i feel best sangat .. sebab my Fav actor yg berlakon . aww .. Aliff Aziz and Zahiril Adzim . then Wawa Zainal . she's cute right . she have a 'Lesung Pipit' .. haha . okayy . title drama tuu 'Cinta V-log' .. have u seen it ? actually ni 1st tym la jugak aku tengok drama tuu . cause channel ni jarang aku tengok . kuang-2 :P btw ... Aliff Aziz and Zahiril Adzim cute sangat .. sampai aku dok feeling watch the dramaa .. haha okayy laa . till here jak my entry tonight btw Goodnight Peeps :) sleepTight dont forget to wash your feet before sleep :)
aww .. masihh teringat Aliff Aziz .. sempoii gilerr <3

#ForeverAlone|ForeverYoung :)

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