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I'm a little cookie, yes i am and i was made by the cookie man and on my way from the cookie pan. a little piece broke off of me but i can taste just as good, uh-huh as a regular cookie can.

Indescribable // Wednesday, 26 September 2012
Hi Peeps :)
How are you ? um , I don't have any idea to post about what .........
um -,-'
Its agony. Complete, excruciating agony.
Its like your heart being ripped out of your chest and stomped out . 
You cant breathe, you dont want to eat, you cant function , like everything is dead.
The whole you is dead. Its the most intense pain you'll ever feel, and the worst part is ,
there's is no way to relieve it. 
Its Unyielding , merciless torture.
But no, they dont get it and will never get it. 
Its okay :')

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