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A cute love message (text) :) // Thursday, 29 November 2012
A cute love message is not about painful emotions, but rather shows a delight in all the joys that love brings, often with a touch of humor. Use a messages like this to put a 1000-watt smile on your partner's :)

5 Tips for a cute love messages :)
 1. Choose cute vocabulary <3

For a cute message, choose an adorable pet name to start off with (such as Sweetheart, Cutie, My Lovely, etc.), and stick with such lighthearted vocabulary for the length of the messages.
Example: Honeybunch, I can’t help but say how much you mean to me.

2. Promise yourself to them :)

~A cute love note is a thing of devotion. Tell the object of your affection how much you adore them, and promise that you will never leave them or cheat on them. Do this correctly, and it’s guaranteed to fill them up with warm feelings no matter where they are!

Example: I love you so much, I could never hurt you. Let me be yours forever!

3. Compare them to sweet things .

~In your text messages, compare your partner to something sweet or undeniably cute, like sugar, butterflies, flowers, etc. This will maintain the lighthearted tone of your messages and, at the same time, allow you to express your feelings. It can even be an opportunity for humor, if you decide to compare them to something that is both cute and unusual (e.g. koala bears, cotton candy, chicken pot pie).

Example: Your eyes turn me into cotton candy, just melting away at the first sight of you.

4. Say how much you love them :*

The whole point of a love message is to let someone know just how devoted to them you are. Share the happiness you feel with your partner because they are in your life. Try not to sound clingy, just keep with the tone of cuteness and love. Let your partner know that they make you indescribably happy.

Example: Whenever I think of you, my heart jumps up and down, and I just can’t imagine a life without you.

5. Keep it short.

~This is the type of love note that benefits from being short and sweet. If you have a lot to say, write a different type of message or letter, or just pick one topic and stick to it for your cute love messages. Don’t bring up negative feelings or weighty issues. Your love note should simply convey one aspect of your emotions, which should ideally be a positive one.
Example: I just wanted to say that to me you’re an angel, coming down from above to light up my life.

Note: Try this tips :) maybe you will make your partner stay happy and smile :) Goodluck guys <3 x

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