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I'm a little cookie, yes i am and i was made by the cookie man and on my way from the cookie pan. a little piece broke off of me but i can taste just as good, uh-huh as a regular cookie can.

Monday :3 // Sunday, 25 November 2012
Bonjour !
Ummm . Today still cuti for SPM lagi. Actually hari ini memang ada paper but for Chemistry . Saya tak ambik chemistry :3 Paper I start esok . That is Perdagangan and 28hb Prinsip Perakaunan lepas tu . Habis lah . I am Freedom berroo :D Best lah. bagi rehat kepala hotak ku ni yg dok kusut masai dah :)
Um esok perdagangan and sy belum start any revision lagi :/ getting worried. actually last sudah start revision but tak lah lama sangat coz pengaruh tv . OhmYyy :( Now. sy nak pegi isi perut . makan :) lapar dohhh. Hee see yaa. nextime lepas sy habis exam , Hee :) and lepas ni nak start revision. Yeahh :)

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