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I'm a little cookie, yes i am and i was made by the cookie man and on my way from the cookie pan. a little piece broke off of me but i can taste just as good, uh-huh as a regular cookie can.

Home Alone :/ // Friday, 21 December 2012
Hey people :) how are you? Hope u always fine okay. Um. currently im at home now. nothings to do. Just Online,Eating,watch TV, and sleeping :/ aww. babe im kinda boring at home. Seriously, nothing to do. Im just waiting for night. Maybe tonight will be a good good night for me. Because, yeahhh ~ I heard my sistoo and brothaa came from KK today. and yess ~ my home not going to boring situation anymore. Hee~ and yeahh ~ maybe tomorrow im going to Sandakan (maybe) im not sure anymore -,- My sistaa call me yesterday and she tell me about that. So, maybe im gonna start my work next week or i dont know when. Okayy. my home sunyi sangat-sangat -,- only have 1,2,3(counting) um Yeap 3 people at home. that is me, and the two is pembantu rumah :) but still boring because everybody do their own thing. same goes like me . watch Tv only. Awww. but i know maybe today im bored but next , next , and next day im not bored anymore. Hopefully ~ and yeahh. My mum and dad going to Ranau. Um d ranau now ada 'Pesta Durian' and them tidak ajak aku . How pity me? :( Itsokay. aku dah terbiasa dekat rumah. Haha sehh ~ so yeahh . currently watching my crush at Tv (Over lah aku ni) hee that is One direction . my crush only one there that is Liam Payne. Heee -,- Best right. weather semenjak dua , tiga hari ni . sejukk ja, Hujan malar . Hee ndapa. Hujan kan berkat daripada Allah SWT we should appreciate that okay ! Heyy Heyy. GTG :) my tummy need a food now. Bye :) BRB guys <3

-Ekien xoxo-

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